Willie Robertson’s Problem with DWTS Judge Julianne Hough

If you’re unaware, the Robertson family is a down home, southern, religious family who made it big with their hit show ‘Duck Dynasty‘ on A&E.

When Sadie Robertson (one of the most beloved members of the family) was picked to be on this season of ‘Dancing with the Stars‘, fans of the family and the show were elated.

However, being a dancer on the show usually requires a fair share of dirty dancing and revealing outfits, which Sadie’s father, Willie, has been outspoken about since the beginning. After all, he has final say on Sadie’s dance moves and outfits.

Needless to say, when DWTS judge Julianna Hough criticized one of Sadie’s dance routines by saying she needed to be ‘more down and dirty’, Willie had something to say about it.

Listen to what he has to say after being interviewed on the street by TMZ:


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